COVID-19 antibodies persist, reduce reinfection risk for up to six months

COVID19 antibodies persist reduce reinfection risk for up to six months - میزان باقیماندن آنتی بادی کرونا در بدن

The antibodies’ ability to neutralize COVID-19 did not differ significantly over the six-month period.

A Michigan Medicine study found that most patients with mild COVID-19 infections produce antibodies that persist and protect them from reinfection for up to six months.

Researchers analyzed nearly 130 subjects with PCR-confirmed COVID-19 illness between three and six months after initial infection. Three patients were hospitalized while the rest were treated as outpatients and experienced mild infection, with symptoms including headaches, chills and loss of taste or smell.

The results, published in Microbiology Spectrum.

Release date: 14 September 2021
Source: Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan