Music therapy for Parkinsons disease - موزیک درمانی برای بیماری پارکینسون

An interesting study by Iowa State University demonstrates the potential to reduce stress, improve motor function for people with Parkinson’s disease with singing.

Back Pain and Death - کمردرد مزمن و مرگ و میر

Researchers at Boston Medical Center identified that older women with frequent, persistent back pain face an increased risk of earlier death.

stroke vaccine - واکسن سکته مغزی

New study in mice demonstrates the potentials to prevent post-stroke blood clot for more than two months with a new experimental vaccine (S100A9) provided by Japanese researchers. (American Heart Association)

Mindfulness based interventions (MBIs) yoga and tai chi helps stroke survivors - یوگا و تایچی کمک به بیماران سکته مغزی

Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) such as yoga and tai chi can help stroke survivors fight elevated blood pressure, fatty acids and blood sugar levels, according to study published in Future Neurology.

Alendronate and Heart Health - آلندرونات موثر در سلامت قلب

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong have shown that alendronate is associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular death, and stroke in a study of patients with hip fractures. (Reference: WILEY)

brain blood deposits

A team of researchers found that brain endothelial cells have the capacity for engulfing and depositing red blood cells outside the blood vessels, without requiring a tear of the blood vessels. Reference

Romosozumab and Alendronate

A study in NEJM has suggested that Romosozumab provides more effective protection against fractures than Alendronate.

Vitamin A and Bone Health

New research in mice demonstrates the risk to decrease bone thickness and increase bone fractures with consuming too much vitamin A (Journal of Endocrinology). Experts at Society for Endocrinology warned people against over-supplementing vitamin A in their diets.

Exercise and Memory ورزش و حافظه

Even mild physical activity, on par with yoga and tai chi, immediately enhances the consolidation of memories, according to a new study published in PNAS.

Human growth hormone sheds light on rehabilitation phase after a stroke, according to study published in the Stroke. Research in mice demonstrate the potential to improve cognitive abilities such as memory and learning in stroke survivors.