Meaningful movies help people cope with life’s difficulties تاثیر فیلم های خوب بر سلامت روان

A Mediterranean diet might protect against memory loss and dementia رژیم غذایی مناسب در آلزایمر

Too Much, Too Little Sleep Linked to Elevated Heart Risks in People Free from Disease خواب کافی: نه افراط نه تفریط

Parks Not Only Safe, but Essential During the Pandemic فضاهای سبز در ایام کرونا

Thin and brittle bones strongly linked to women’s heart disease risk ارتباط سلامت استخوان و قلب

Vegetarians Have Healthier Biomarkers Than Meat Eaters گیاهخواری یا گوشتخواری؟

Neighborhood disadvantage may pose an environmental risk to brain development in children تاثیر همسایگان بر رشد مغزی کودکان!

Being around children makes adults more generous بخشندگی از نتایج حضور کودکان

One third of patients hospitalised with severe COVID-19 still have lung changes after a year احتمال ماندگاری عوارض ریوی کرونا

Men’s loneliness linked to an increased risk of cancer افزایش خطر سرطان در مردان تنها

Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota گرسنگی و فشارخون

Higher mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer اثرات ضد سرطانی قارچ های خوراکی

Childhood air pollution exposure linked to poor mental health at age 18 تاثیر مخرب آلودگی هوا بر ذهن کودکان

Cloth face coverings can be as effective as surgical masks at protecting against COVID-19 تاثیر بالای ماسک های پارچه ای

Salad or cheeseburger? Your co-workers shape your food choices سالاد یا چیزبرگر؟ تاثیر همکاران بر انتخاب غذایی یکدیگر

Among COVID-19 survivors, an increased risk of death, serious illness خطرات درازمدت کرونا

Disrupted sleep is linked to increased risk of death, particularly in women بدخوابی و مرگ زودرس

Air pollution may affect severity and hospitalization in COVID-19 patients with respiratory disease تاثیر منفی آلودگی هوا بر شدت ابتلا به کرونا

Differing immune reponses discovered in asymptomatic cases versus those with severe COVID19 پاسخ متفاوت سیستم ایمنی به کرونا

Physical inactivity linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and death بی تحرکی و مرگ کرونایی

COVID-19 in our dust may help predict outbreaks حضور ویروس کرونا در گرد و خاک

Multivits, omega-3, probiotics, vitamin D may lessen risk of positive COVID-19 test مکمل های ضد کرونا

Sunlight linked with lower Covid-19 deaths خاصیت ضدکرونایی نور خورشید

Leisure physical activity is linked with health benefits but work activity is not نوع فعالیت بدنی مناسب برای سلامتی