Magnetic stimulation dramatically improves fecal incontinence

Magnetic stimulation dramatically improves fecal incontinence - درمان بی اختیاری مدفوعی با دستگاه مگنت

Painless magnetic stimulation of nerves that regulate muscles in the anus and rectum appears to improve their function and dramatically reduce episodes of fecal incontinence, a debilitating problem affecting about 10% of the population, investigators report.

The rectum is the connector between the colon and the anus, where stool exits, and the muscles directly involved in moving feces along then holding it in place until we are ready to go to the bathroom, have been a focal point for treating fecal incontinence. However current strategies are largely unsatisfactory for at least half of patients because they do not directly address the causes, including nerve dysfunction in the anus and rectum, the investigators say.

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Release date: 25 August 2020

Source: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University