Parks Not Only Safe, but Essential During the Pandemic

Parks Not Only Safe but Essential During the Pandemic - فضاهای سبز در ایام کرونا

Parks played an important role for people seeking respite from the toll of social isolation during the pandemic, and according to new research from Drexel University, they did so without increasing the spread of COVID-19. The study looked at how people used 22 parks in Philadelphia and New York during the height of the pandemic and it found no strong correlation between park use and the number of confirmed cases in surrounding neighborhoods.

Published in the Journal of Extreme Events, Drexel’s study “Urban Park Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic” surveyed park visitors over a three-month period from May to July 2020 at small and mid-size parks in New York and Philadelphia. And it compared park usage numbers to rates of COVID-19 transmission in the areas directly surrounding the parks.

Release date: 23 March 2021
Source: Drexel University