Rehabilitation team

Based on the disability of the patient, the rehabilitation team is formed.

Which therapist will be a part of the rehabilitation team?

It depends on the client’s illness, severity of the disability, insurance coverage and his/her
financial capability.

Usual members of a rehabilitation team

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (also known as physiatrist)

The Physiatrist is usually the leader of the rehabilitation team. Duties of physiatrist include design a patient oriented treatment, assessment and monitors the patient’s progress.

Physical therapist

The work of a physical rehabilitation therapist is to work on improving neuromuscular or musculoskeletal issues of patients with disabilities. He/She will focus on the development of posture, joints’ ROM, strength, ambulation, physical independence, balance coordination and other sensory motor activities.

Occupational therapist

Orthotist & Prosthetist

Speech/Language Pathologist

Recreational therapist

Rehab counselor