Kisspeptin: A New Drug to Treat Liver Disease?

Kisspeptin A New Drug to Treat Liver Disease - کیس پپتین درمان جدید کبد چرب

Rutgers researchers discover hormone has therapeutic effects on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mouse study
A hormone that triggers puberty and controls fertility in humans might be developed as a treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, according to new Rutgers research.

The study, appearing in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, provides powerful evidence that a modified version of the naturally occurring hormone kisspeptin can be used to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Globally, NAFLD is the most common form of chronic liver disease that affects children and adults and is linked to the rise in obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Release date: 07 April 2022
Source: Rutgers University