Updated analysis of US COVID-19 deaths shows drops, disparities in average lifespans

Updated analysis of US COVID19 deaths shows drops disparities in average lifespans - کرونا و امید به زندگی

In the US, COVID-19 reduced overall life expectancy by over 1.3 years, with the effects on Black and Latino populations 2 to 3 times those for the white population.

The updated analysis, which included the more than 380,000 US COVID-19 deaths in 2020 and used 2018 life expectancies as a comparison, indicates that COVID-19 reduced overall life expectancy by 1.31 years (up from the initial estimate of 1.13 years lost) to 77.43 years. The reductions in average lifespan are more than three times as large for Latinos (3.03 years) and twice as large for the Black population (1.90 years) compared to whites (0.94 years). Cell Host & Microbe

Release date: 24 Jun 2021
Source: University of Southern California