Whole fat or low-fat milk better for kids? Science says it’s udderly up to them

Whole fat or low-fat milk better for kids Science says its udderly up to them - لبنیات مناسب تر برای کودکان کم چرب یا پرچرب

A world-first study shows kids over two years of age can drink whichever they prefer, with no effect on their health.

The research, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition today, suggests current public health advice recommending children over the age of two consume low fat dairy products may need to be revised.

ECU’s Associate Professor Therese O’Sullivan led the investigation into the consumption of full-fat dairy products in children as part of the Milky Way study.

Over a three-month period, 49 healthy children aged four to six were randomly allocated to receive either whole fat or low-fat dairy products in place of their normal dairy intake.

Dairy products were home delivered every fortnight in plain packaging at no cost to the participants, to ensure purchase price wasn’t a factor.

Neither group knew whether they were consuming whole fat or low-fat dairy, while any left over products were weighed each fortnight to assess the children’s overall intake.

Release date: 12 October 2021
Source: Edith Cowan University