Scapholunate Sprain

Brief Review:

  • Ligament sprains of the wrist usually result from falls on an outstretched hand.
  • Most are mild and resolve with splinting and symptomatic treatment.
  • Physical examination typically reveals no gross deformities, although dorsal swelling may be noted

Plain radiographs should be obtained in all patients with suspected

scapholunate sprain and should include

  • a standard AP view
  • AP with a clenched fist (accentuates scapholunate joint widening)
  • standard lateral view
  • posteroanterior (PA) view in ulnar deviation (assesses scaphoid bone for fracture).


  • Simple scapholunate sprain require protection and rest with a period of splinting. After initial treatment, the patient is weaned from the wrist splint and begins active ROM and hand strengthening therapy.
  • Scapholunate dissociation: surgery