• Stroke


Stroke is a focal central nervous system (CNS) infarction, which involves brain, spinal cord, or retinal cell

death lead to sudden onset of neurologic dysfunction.


  • The leading cause of significant disability in adults
  • Worldwide, stroke is the second leading cause of death
    • Leading cause of death in China, Japan, and Brazil, stroke
    • Third leading cause in Australia
    • Fourth leading cause in United States
  • About one-third of victims will die within 1 month

Risk factors:

  • Major: atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, cardiovascular disease, atrial fibrillation (especially valvular), diabetes.
  • Others: cardiac failure, dyslipidemia, alcohol abuse, obesity, oral contraceptives, migraine, stress.

Remember that control of risk factors is the key approach to management

When should stroke be considered?

Let’s see the video …

Golden time for optimal management: First three hours

What is Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)?

TIA is also characterized by the rapid onset of neurologic dysfunction but without permanent infarction.

Recent Studies Show

  • Yoga and tai chi is recommended for stroke survivor (Details)
  • Hemorrhagic stroke is not necessarily due to rupture of blood vessels (Details)
  • Breastfeeding: A protective factor against stroke (Details)
  • Growth Hormone may benefit Stroke Survivors (Details)