Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Brief Review:

  • Most common nerve entrapment syndrome
  • More common in women than men
  • Symptoms
    • may even radiate into the shoulder region
    • are noted more with repetitive hand motion activities and at night
  • Clinical tests include Tinel test (sign), carpal compression test, and Phalen maneuver.
    • Compression test is the most sensitive test
  • Diagnostic imaging is not necessary to make a diagnosis of CTS
  • Electrodiagnostic tests
    • can be used to confirm the diagnosis
    • not needed to initiate or direct early treatment in most patients
    • should be done before surgery.
  • Treatment includes modifying activities, splint, nerve gliding exercises, medication, and surgery.
    • Outcomes of surgery are excellent
    • Open and endoscopic techniques are associated with equivalent long-term results.

Reference: Textbook of Family Medicine (Rakel), Chapter 30: common issues in orthopedics: pages 659-660

Recommended for residents of family medicine and medical students.

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Learning method: Dual Presentation Learning (DPL)